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DXD-720F Powder Form Fill Seal Machine (500g~5000g Packaging)

DXD-720F powder form fill seal machine is a kind of fully automatic vertical packaging unit with the filling range of 500~5000g per bag, which is widely applied to the power products packaging such as flour, potato flour, corn flour, tapioca flour, drug powder and so on.

Packaging Sample
  • Powder
  • Laminated film or PE film
  • Packaging bags
Technical parameter
Model DXD-720F
Packaging speed 8-30bags/min
Bag-making size (L)150-450mm (W)150-350mm
Filling range 500-5000g
Film width 320-720mm
Packaging material Laminated film or PE film
Film width 0.04-0.08mm
Air consumption 0.36m3/min 0.6MPa
Power supply AC220/380V 50/60Hz 3.5kw
Machine dimension (L)1750×(W)1100×(H)2750mm
Machine weight 750kg
Work Procedure

1. Automatic Screw Powder Feeding Machine
Powder materials are elevated from feeding hoppers to weigh bucket of screw weigher with the help of auto screw feeding machine.

2. Automatic Screw Weigher
The screw weighing system measures the weight of each bag precisely and keep the weight error within 0.5% or 1%. Besides, this weighing system has a touch screw control penal for users to reset the target weight and related parameters.

3. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
When the weighing procedure is finished, the powder material will be transported to the vertical form fill seal machine, where to finish the next procedure of bag-making, powder filling, heat sealing, cutting, date printing and so on.

4. Product Conveyor
When the packaging procedure is finished, products will be transferred to the designated area.


1. The packaging unit is equipped with screw weighing system and ensures the packaging weight error within 0.5%.

2. Screw feeding machine's feeding hopper is on the ground for the convenience of users. Besides, the feeding machine has a high efficiency working with weighing system.

3. The packaging machine is equipped with Panasonic AC servo motor enhancing the running stability and precise.

4. Panasonic PLC control system control the packaging process intelligently in the packaging unit.

5. The form fill seal equipment installs Weinview touch screen control petal, which is convenient for setting running parameters and easy to handle by users.

6. In order to enhancing the stability of film-drawing, our packaging unit adopts double belts film drawing system.

7. We have installed constant temperature heating system ensuring stable temperature in the packaging process and the beauty of sealing.

8. Plastic bearing is used in the machine with no need for lubricant ensuring the safety of products meantime.

9. To ensure the same appearance of each bag, electro-optical sensor system is provided to realize automatic alignment on the packing films.

10. When the bag's width is changing, it will be finished within 5min or 10 min to changing bag-maker without any tools.

11. Our machine is equipped with a printer with the function of printing production date and batch numbers and so on.

12. The maintenance cost is very low because it has few damageable assemblies.

13. The components contacted with product materials are all made of stainless steel meeting the requirements of food manufacture.

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